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Our approach to a logo is simple. It is the foundation that your company’s image is built upon. How a logo is perceived by one’s potential customers can make or break a company. We also encourage the creation of a descriptive tag line, because unless you’re a household name like Coca-Cola, you can ill afford to call yourself Coke or state that, “ Coke Is It”. We therefore go to great lengths to insure the logo’s functionality and appropriateness.

Here’s a few of our logos from the present and past:

This ad was for the first fire retardant fabric clothing line sold in the USA and UK. We staged photography at the Fire Fighting School at Texas A&M. Those were real flames he was walking through, seven times in an hour to get the photographs. The product really worked! Demonstration advertising is very powerful.
Rusty Pelican was a California based seafood restaurant that expanded into Houston. Our approach was to tout “freshness” as a campaign battle cry. Images of seafood that literally were pulled out of the ocean minutes ago, were depicted in our ads and outdoor.
Waste processing on marine vessels is a critical function. Omnipure of Houston came up with a unique high volume, high integrity, compact size system that was a game changer for both vessels and offshore platform operations. We designed a campaign ad series to grab attention and set up a perception for them.
With so many homebuilders competing for business in Houston, we needed a direct mail campaign to high end Realtors that placed Eagle Limited Custom Homes on the map overnight. We used specialty items that symbolized the five different services that this builder provided. All 250 Realtors that received this mailing attended our grand opening. This direct mail concept produced a 100% response rate and won a prestigious national award.
Like Eagle Limited, Gemstone was another division of Gemcraft Homes that built a semi-custom product. There were no others that offered such a product so our grand opening approach was to state that home building would never be the same again. We always employed aggressive, pre-emptive and competitive niche marketing for all of Gemcraft Homes’ product lines. This methodology helped Gemcraft to grow (within three years) from a single community builder that produced 100 homes to the 4th largest in the nation, building over 3,000 homes per year.
This eagle limited ad employed dramatic photography to demonstrate the product as well as a unique one-stop full service custom home concept, that was ahead of its time.
Pratt & Whitney makes jet engines, rocket engines, lasers and plenty of other things to keep our military strong. Bruce worked for them in their Florida R&D facility. Years later we met up with some of the marketing folks at a trade show. Things he helped develop years before became successful products. They asked us to develop the ad, based upon his excellent track record there:
Protherm Services Group, based out of Houston does business in the tough refinery market along the Gulf Coast. They are not the biggest company, but they are the best. We gave them a set of selling tools and ad concepts that stand out from all other competitors. Protherm is involved in a similar marketplace challenge as Avis car rentals was faced with when they launched the famous “We Try Harder” campaign against Hertz. The most recent ads use the Out-Think Outperform headline and the copy pays it off. SWOT analysis enlightened us to the possibility of using this type of headline approach and the ability to make it credible.
Protherm needed a tradeshow booth with very high visibility that also projected the main focus for the company. Our design allowed the booth to read from hundreds of feet away.
Presenting sales and information in a unified and consistent manner is crucial for companies with multiple departments and locations. Protherm had us put together a pocket folder to package their many inserts and technical materials. We gave it a look that was distinctive in their industry, never to be confused with another company. All of their pieces now have a clean, modern look and feel that communicated the image of a company capable of out-thinking and outperforming the competition.
PetroUnited has oil and chemical storage facilities in locations throughout the Gulf Coast. Some years ago they had a problem. Much of their stainless steel storage tanks were shortly going to be vacant and they needed to get them filled quickly. We did an ad series that ran in Chemical Week. In June, the liquid storage industry has their convention in Houston. We brainstormed and produced a 2 color folded flyer that went into the newspaper that was delivered to all of the rooms in the convention hotel. Somebody read it and reacted. The storage vacancy was no more and the company was delighted.
La Vendome has always been one of the top restaurants in Houston, They were located near the museum and theater district and required a high-end image. We delivered by integrating their fine cuisine with their culturally rich surroundings:
When Hitachi brought out its first line of top quality CAD monitors, we produced the sell sheets:
Artist Graphics was a big player in the CAD/CAE market, back when Windows was first picking up momentum. They needed a very clean high-tech look for their high-end AutoCad and Microstation cards:
After we left Artist Graphics, Vermont Microsystems picked us up to produce a hard-selling campaign to blast their sales in the expanding graphics controller marketplace. VMI and Artist were furious competitors for years in the AutoCad and animation markets:
The pocket folder employed common design elements from all the VMI ads and brochures in order to create a visually cohesive package. This approach often enabled the viewer to remember other past related pieces while viewing a totally separate piece. By establishing a unified campaign synergy, the customer could see a VMI brochure and remember a VMI ad he saw a week ago.
There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your airplane to take off from a crowded runway. The implication of this ad is that an effective video card should take off quickly and maintain a high speed. Time is valuable and time is money and owning a VMI video card insures that neither will be lost.
This concept was long established before we applied it to computer technology…”It’s not how long you work but how smart you work”. Using a VMI video card was the smart choice for the man that completed his project quickly and was able to spend quality time with his family. An emotional approach to a relatively dry product was not only unique but attention getting.
Since computer systems protection is on ongoing battle and often covert in nature, we used the CIA concept to attract attention and draw the reader into the ad. XVAND does not only data and systems security, they also act as an ASP, delivering software and hardware solutions to keep customers running at peak efficiency:
In order to achieve readability and interest, we took a satirical approach to a problem that is no joke in the business world. Obviously, computer systems maintenance can be a headache and frustration to the most savvy IT professional. Our parody on Freud and Pharmaceuticals simply implied that XVAND can handle everything for you and turn your headaches into smiles.
Often getting attention can be gained by utilizing a concept or theme where all the media exposure was achieved by another advertiser’s money. We borrowed a tried and proven campaign from Alka-Seltzer to simply state that XVAND was a fast, easy, reliable remedy, basically, “Good Medicine” for anyone who suffered from dealing with computer networks.
Purple Extreme Product Sheet Bike Medicine produces premium grade industrial strength lubrication and cleaning products for the bicycle industry. They compete in a crowded consumer market with standout products. We had to develop sales materials that would cause disparity between what they make and all other competitors.
Lubrication Perfected Ad In order to extend the effort of creating disparity between Bike Medicine's Purple Extreme chain lubricant and other companies' offerings, we came up with a two word memorable headline that leaves little room for competitors to overcome. This ad was used in trade publications.
Golden Degreaser Bottle Design As a second product, Bike Medicine formulated a degreaser product as good as their chain lubricant. We designed a bottle and label combination that was completely different than anything else that would appear in a bicycle shop. The broad face of the bottle displays the Golden Degreaser logo, while the crystal clear plastic lends a clean bright look.
Brazoria County Hurricane Evacuation Outdoor Board

Brazoria County Hurricane Evacuation Direct Mail Piece

Brazoria County Hurricane Evacuation Newspaper Ad
The Brazoria County “Mobility” Bond Election campaign to build and improve roads was an overwhelming success, voters ratified it by a huge margin. Three campaign strategies were utilized to influence voters: Hurricane Evacuation, Saving Travel Time and Access to Amenities.

For each campaign strategy three separate media approaches were employed: Newspaper Advertising, Outdoor Advertising and Direct Mail Advertising. Shown in full is the Hurricane Evacuation campaign. Also depicted are the Saving Time Outdoor Board and the Access to Amenities Newspaper Ad.
Chopper Ring Ad Kirkwood White is a world class jewelry designer who sought to develop a niche market in his business. There was an emerging chic motorcycle cult that broke the mold old perception of the motorcycle rider. To capitalize on and popularize himself into this new segment, White chose us to develop a campaign that would put him at the forefront.
Bear and Ragged Staff magazine ad and poster.

The outdoor board uses the same graphics and ties in perfectly with the ad.
The Bear and Ragged Staff located on Main Street near Houston’s Medical Center, had a long tradition making visitors feel right at home in an English Pub atmosphere. In order to boost revenues further, a promotion to win a 7-day vacation to London was advertised. Magazine ads, posters and outdoor boards carried the campaign and increased revenues by 35%.
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