What’s with the “Power Tools” thing?

Right about now, you're probably thinking,"Are these guys for real?"

We formed the BGA creative team to counterbalance the commonly accepted notions about agencies, clients and the relationship between the two. We believe we can establish a relationship of trust with our clients. Trust based on mutual respect. And that trust will lead to advertising that's truthful and persuasive.

In order for us to create advertising that really works we have to understand the product and believe in what our client has to offer.

Even if there is a great deal of product parity between the client's product and the competition, it's our responsibility to make it stand out and do it in a way that's exciting and motivating. Most businesses fail for 3 reasons. No capital, poor management, and ineffective advertising.

When advertising works correctly it is truly a "Power Tool for Growing Businesses."

Your Success is Our Passion

Effective and truthful advertising begins and ends with the customer and the buyer. There's little else that matters. This level of advertising employs creative that recognizes, but isn't bound by trends. Creative that could care less about awards and cares everything about turning flat sales into rising profits. Creative that reaches the emotions of a prospect as much as it touches their mind.

To us, this type of creative thinking is invaluable. It leads to "Big Ideas" like "We try Harder" or Where's the Beef" etc…ideas that can take companies to unimaginable heights of growth.

But let's be truthful about ourselves. Our motives are selfish and our intentions are to make money. However, we feel we can only accomplish this by keeping your branding strong, your products selling well and your company growing in the marketplace. Our passion is making you so successful that we become indispensable and prosper along with you.

We're Straight Shooters

As one of our clients, you'll be dealing with the big dogs, the agency owner-founder types, because frankly, there's nobody else that will give you the attention and service you deserve. We are not out to be huge. We don't want to worry about headcounts, 401Ks or company picnics.

We want to work for clients who will focus on their business and leave the advertising to us. If that's as far as we get, great!

Call us. We'll talk about advertising and expanding your business

We'll give you an objective external viewpoint about your company. We'll tell you what we can do for you. If you like our views and our work, hire us. If not, you've lost nothing except maybe an hour.

Whether we get your account our not…we promise to tell you the truth.

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