About Us
To help solve your sales problem, BGA has assembled a team of top-flight creative and management people with years of big agency experience. Utilizing results-based strategies with full service tools at their disposal, they fully understand what it takes to help you succeed in today's marketplace.

Picture a team of communicators who are focused on bringing your business to the worldwide market and share a common perspective on life and work. And yes, they are two different things. Here's our take: There's a lot of junk out there masquerading as advertising that does nothing but perpetuate the poor image of agencies and does nothing for the client. And that makes our job of establishing trust and credibility much more difficult. Our perspective is that most advertising attempts to copy each other's image and lacks persuasiveness and truth. It's very frustrating.

YES can often mean NO to profits

Agencies blame clients. Clients blame agencies. But most agencies never challenge the status quo. They're motivated by getting a job approved as quickly and painlessly as possible in order to get paid as soon as possible. As long as the client likes it who cares if it doesn't work. It's been going on like this since the first ad appeared and some guy in the back yelled, "Make the logo bigger." And even though making the logo bigger would hinder the client from establishing an understated confidence for his company, the logo got bigger.

Extrapolate this "Yes Man" namby-pamby attitude on the part of agencies over a couple dozen decades; the result is dry and ineffective work. We believe that's unacceptable.

Of course there are agencies out there that know what they're doing and do good work... but you better have a healthy budget to get one to help you.

We take our business seriously

Many of our staff have studied at prestigious universities in the areas of management, creative, art, photography, communications, graphics, research and marketing and have put even longer years in applying their knowledge at some of the nation's finest ad agencies.

We do our homework

We learn a clients business thoroughly and then fight for what we believe in. We firmly believe that we can only be successful if we help our client succeed… and there is nothing namby-pamby about that!

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