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You're thinking about hiring someone, possibly an ad agency or someone to work with your in-house creative department, in order to help with a sales problem that needs fixing. Not enough revenue, not the right kind of customers, no loyalty from the customers you manage to get. So you figure its time to hunt down some experts.

Suddenly you're faced with public relations firms, consultants, marketing/research companies, graphic designers, film production outfits, outdoor companies, printers and of course ad agencies, and all wanting your business. The reality is, that hardly any of them are capable of bringing clarity to your problems or handling all the issues over a long-term basis, or coming up with a viable cost effective solution that will bring in enough money to justify their fees.

This leaves you with a two-fold dilemma: solving your problem but paying too much, or finding a great price for ineffective and partial solutions.

There is a better way

Maybe you've worked with an agency or some of these service companies before; maybe not. Possibly you have your own in-house agency that needs a fresh infusion of ideas. Either way, you're skeptical of what's out there, and perhaps, rightfully so.

Ad agencies, and more specifically the people populating them, don't exactly have the best image. Ever see a movie where an "ad guy" was portrayed as anything but a sniveling butt-kisser? Neither have we. (But let us know if we missed one.) All in all, you're faced dealing with "YES" men and you're probably not looking forward to this agency selection process. And the fact that it's called a "process" is telling enough.

The other alternative is to work directly with service companies and suppliers such as researchers, designers, writers, printers, etc., and be faced with choosing the right specialist as well as deciding what really needs fixing, a job better left to the experts. Besides, if you were having heart surgery wouldn't you let the surgeon pick the experts he needs to assist him? If you value your life you would.

The sales problem can be fixed

You need someone that really has an understanding of your business, with the creative muscle and management savvy to separate you from the competition and help you to increase sales. Someone who can be an outside ad agency with an internal team player approach or if the situation requires, be part of your in-house creative team without ruffling anyone's feathers.

It's time to hire people with big agency experience who have contact with the best cost effective suppliers in the business. Whose expertise your paying for, not their offices and overhead. Whose passion is to succeed through the success of their clients.

It's time to acquire new power tools for your growing business.

To sum it up

We believe what you need is a streamlined, hard-hitting agency with a wide range of experience. The entire BGA crew are senior creatives and business development veterans with enough gray hair to prove it. When it comes to your business, we can help you give birth, or raise the dead.

We love clients that strive to out-think and outperform the competition. It drives us to do the best work and get the results.

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